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The Mercy Killers
The new one! Set in Ypsilanti, Michigan at the end of the 1960s, the book follows the less than sunny path of Charlie Simpkins: boyfriend to a hooker, brother to a nutcase, husband to a nice white girl, friend to thieves, drunks and drug addicts, and himself a Vietnam veteran.

"BEST OF 2004 PICK" -- "a timely novel of terrific suspense... altogether terrific." - Washington Post

"Sharply written and stylistically brilliant"
- Chicago Sun-Times

"A gripping and compelling tale." - Rocky Mountain News

Novel, March 2000.

The story of a typical American woman refusing to see what's in front of her nose.

"a suspenseful read." - Time Out NY

"...we have a major new talent in our midst." - Penzler's Pick on Amazon

"an insightful, empathetic novel" - Publishers Weekly

Billy Dead
Novel, October 1998.

Author's first novel, depicting family life in rural Michigan. Also a murder mystery.

"A brave, heart-wrenching debut. I couldn't look away." -Alice Munro

"Reardon owes something to Faulkner...she can summon up the menace of the past, rustling in the dark." - The New Yorker

"An extraordinary of the most powerful debuts in recent American fiction." - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Moving, heartbreaking, and always vividly told." - Detroit Free Press

The Sweet Trade
Full-Length Play, 1994

Knife fights, attacks at sea, cross-dressing, walking the plank, sex, adventure, this play has it all.

Full-Length Play, 1992

Gloria the Warrior Vampire springs to life from her cartoons and goes on an unauthorized killing spree in her creator's hometown.

Blush at Nothing
Full-Length Play, 1991

Silly romantic farce with mistaken identities, hidden treasure, a pig farm and a ghost.

Cost of Living
Full-Length Play, 1990

Three factory workers fight unsafe working conditions, a threatened union strike, and each other.

Wendy and Danny
One Act Play, October 1994

Two criminals take a hostage who turns the tables.

One Act Play, September, 1993

A Mourning Dove roosts on a Manhattanite's fire escape and drives him crazy because no one else can hear it.

Dog and Fruit
One Act Play, 1993

Silly play involving a bound and gagged nun, a tree, and a stuffed poodle named Lola.

Selected Works

1968, McGurk's Tap Room in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Death, drugs, war, child abuse, and plenty of laughs.
Lack of accountability leads to a dead child, adultery, alcoholism, nervous breakdowns and insomnia.
Realistic portrayal of family life, murder, abuse, incest, and self-mutilation.
Lesbian pirates in the eighteenth century.
Vampire super-hero comes to life.
Midwest romantic comedy with one dead body.
Three women working in a factory go at each other.
Hostage situation flipped on its head.
Manhattan man is driven insane by a bird.