Who is This Lisa Reardon Person?

Lisa Reardon received her BA in English and Theatre from the University of Michigan and her MA in Playwriting from the Yale School of Drama.

Ms. Reardon has taught fiction writing at New York’s Gotham Writers’ Workshop, on and off, since 1998.

Selected Works

1968, McGurk's Tap Room in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Death, drugs, war, child abuse, and plenty of laughs.
Lack of accountability leads to a dead child, adultery, alcoholism, nervous breakdowns and insomnia.
Realistic portrayal of family life, murder, abuse, incest, and self-mutilation.
Lesbian pirates in the eighteenth century.
Vampire super-hero comes to life.
Midwest romantic comedy with one dead body.
Three women working in a factory go at each other.
Hostage situation flipped on its head.
Manhattan man is driven insane by a bird.